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Beyaz Türk Kimdir, Kara Olanlardan Nasıl Ayrılır?

A Work on Agenda - Setting Theory; Example of “Kızlı Erkekli” Debate in Turkish Politics


Changing scope of media is an inevitable result of neo-liberal economic transformation of the world which is still ongoing all around the world since the barriers against the more conservative economic system has been down began in 1980's. When the New Right movement had come into power by the hand of the Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain and Ronald Reagan in United States, the great transformation process started to stir in economic structure with liberal and conservative conception. From the very start, there are two oxymorons seem come together such as liberal and conservative, although this new ideological identity works with harmony all parts of the world espicially in the new roaring economies. In this new economic structure, new media environment produce “need of security” perception which can easily make people consentient to dominance tools handling by the new right governance. All these changings conducted in the name of free market economy, but its competi…

Türk Muhafazakarının Yitik (ve Mitik) Zaferi


Odağın Yitimi ve Gülse Birsel Sit-Com'u

The Media Ownership Structure and Turkish Economy


The one that who dares to understand the latent system which works at the background of ownership structure of media sector, it should be considered the main structure of Turkish economy. The codes of this structure lie under the inducement of economy focused on rapid growth by the actors within the system. The linkages between sectoral composition of economic growth and investors are intersecting just on the media table. So much so that, one can apprehend the importance of that table, who take a look at the past 10 years when the transformation of Turkish economy and political scene has broadly be taken.

In this work, we try to focus on how Turkish media turn back its core reality which once rose from the political roots in its brief history. We must ensure that the political parallellism of media is always be taken for granted. But after the Hurriyet and Milliyet dailies were inaugurated, capital holders had taken a step into media sector with the sole purpose of makin…