The Blogging Matter

Such an interesting morning cause I've just started to blogging, the inspiration come to me from my last night's dream and that's why I'm here now. How peculiary transandantal things I believe in? I have never done before things like that, I mean, I gave up believing anything instead of myself, even my family and god too. There is no hidden indictment of god or my family under the lines of previous sentence, but what has a meaning in this ridiculous life at all? I'm struggling every -f.cking- day to keep my mind from the dangers of any kind of things; sort of living in a honorable city with highly and tremendously honorable people what we called them as Turkish, and surviving within the people who only knows so many different ways of taken your money or position while you never ever could comprehend! Could I describe my beautiful and alone country to you? Or it has just enlighted on your mind as a savage soils which we are standing on or trying to do so!? I don't know. I don't care as well. Because; I have no country any more, I have no love to my family, no god worth for prayin, no friend worth for doing at least one thing.
World made me a bitch, and now I want to make the world to heaven of bitches. That's all.


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